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BabyPrime: Jacklin Millet Pillow (Beige)
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BabyPrime: Jacklin Millet Pillow (Beige)

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SKU: BP001
Weight: 600 grams
Stock: Out of stock

Brand: Babyprime
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Product Features
- 100% cotton baby pillow case
- 100% hulled millet
- 30 x 18 (cm)
- 3 designs
- Removable animal pillow case
- Made in Korea

Benefits of millet pillows:
1) Has a cooling effect by helping to reduce heat, making it suitable for warm climates like Asia
2) Conforms comfortably to the contour of your baby’s head and neck, ensuring better support
3) Releases soothing compounds (contains silicic acid, which is released from the hulls via the body heat) and has numerous therapeutic properties
4) Millet seeds are finer than any other seeds, and are hence quieter.

Caring instructions:
Simply dry (indoor) the white inner pillow every 1-2 weeks, and wash the pillow case regularly.
*Don’t expose under the sun and don’t wash it with water!